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Windows 7 Partitioning

Having trouble getting a windows partitions bigger than 2 Terabytes?  It all comes down to cluster size.  For some reason my windows 7 is using 512 Byte cluster sizes.  When formatting a drive you can change the cluster size to be much larger than 512 Bytes.  They can be set up to 65,536 Bytes.

Cluster size Maximum NTFS Volume Size (bytes RAW)
512 2,199,023,255,040 (2TB)
1,024 4,398,046,510,080 (4TB)
2,048 8,796,093,020,160 (8TB)
4,096 17,592,186,040,320 (16TB)
8,192 35,184,372,080,640 (32TB)
16,384 70,368,744,161,280 (64TB)
32,768 140,737,488,322,560 (128TB)
65,536 281,474,976,645,120 (256TB)


To format a volume with an 8192 Byte cluster, use the following command:

format d: /fs:ntfs /a:8192

Replace 8192 with the cluster size you wish to use.

These commands must be ran as Administrator.

To check the cluster size of your current drive volumes, use:

fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo c:

Replace c: with the volume you wish to check.












Run as Administrator

To run software with Admin privileges, simply hold ctrl+shift when you launch the application.  If you have UAC enabled, it will prompt you at this point before opening the software.

If you wish to use the mouse, simply locate the software in your start menu. Simply right click on the software and choose Run as Administrator.

Installing Cloud9IDE on Ubuntu 10.04

Prerequisites:  node 0.6.19 (specifically this version, if need be use Node Version Manager to run multiple versions of Node simultaneously.

git clone /directory/of/your/choice

cd /directory/that/you/chose

npm install -d

npm install -g sm

sm install


WP-Config Disable Cron

define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); //Disable page load cron

WordPress › Support » How to disable wp_cron via page loads and run it manually instead?.

Marc Ghorayeb • MongoDB schema definitions in Li3

Marc Ghorayeb • MongoDB schema definitions in Li3.

Adding Tags to lithium blog.  I found how to use list items / nested strings
in lithium using mongo.

More useful resources include:

Lithium Error lithiumactionDispatchException (Code #404)

Error lithiumactionDispatchException (Code #404)


If you’re experiencing this issue, navigate to your current lithium project’s folder and run: li3 test /


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