Image Blending in Photoshop

Using photoshop to take an object out of 1 image, put it into another image and making the object transparent

1.) First step is to open the image of the object you want to use in another image.

2.) Select the “Magic Wand” tool from your tool bar, this button is in the first 4 icon’s (top or left) of your tool bar. All the tools on your tool bar with a little arrow in the bottom right corner means there’s multiple tools for that button. If you don’t see “Magic Wand” in your tool bar click your mouse and hold on “Quick Selection Tool” button to bring up a menu and select the “Magic Wand Tool”.

3.) Click the background color around the object you’re trying to select.

4.) Click the “Select” drop down menu, and click “Inverse”.

5.) Copy your selection.

6.) Open your other image in photoshop. (don’t use .gif images for this, you cannot create new layers in .gif images – save as a jpeg if yout using a .gif image)

7.) On the layers window you want to click the “Create New Layer” button.

8.) Select your new layer in the layers window and paste your selection.

9.) From your layers window you can control the “Opacity” and “Fill” of that layer.

10.) Resize and Move as needed.

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So I had this problem with php not giving me any errors.  I went through my php.ini file looking for what other people posted to change.

I tried this in my php.ini

and added this to my php script:

Still i run my php and nothing came up.  Finally I found this in the php.ini

Track errors was off, now that it’s on  I see and can debug my php scrpits.

Please comment if this helps anyone.

Magento – Adding Image Rollerover Effects to Product Lists

What I’m trying to accomlish is adding a roller over effect to the images.  I want the image to pop up in another layer on rollover.

As always, with any editing of any files that currently already work, make a BACKUP!

I like to copy and paste the file, then rename it .backup

First I add the code to the css file:

Then I want to edit my template file:

Find the line (about line 100-105) that contains:

add the php signs around that and comment it out, then add my following lines:

The image resize function all depends on how you have manento setup and the cache, but this should work.  Feel free leave comments on how this works.