Unknown Terminal Type.

The terminal from a Xubuntu desktop isn’t executing any commands. The error is “ ‘unknown’: unknown terminal type. Check what terminal is set to by running: ” SET | MORE ”   Then scroll down to where you see the variable:  ” TERM= “.  If ” TERM=unknown “, simply fix this problem by typing:  TERM=xterm

WordPress-Smart 404 Plugin

A great tool for not showing 404 pages on your wordpress website.  I’ve used this for a couple years now.  I just recently discovered that if you type in a url with a keyword that cannot be found in your posts or pages, this plugin will show a 404 page.  The whole point of this plugin is to be smart right?  Well as a fix for now I’ve just made it default to your lastest post if it cannot find the keywords in the uri.  Fix can be found @ Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/1qb4h11V