Password protecting nginx

Create a Username/Password which will be stored in ‘useraccess’, a file I just made up.

htpasswd -b -c useraccess username password

Now in the nginx config, under:

auth_basic "Message box title of password prompt";
auth_basic_user_file /path/to/useraccess;

How to get around the Wikipedia blackout.

Copy and paste this into your address bar: javascript:$("#content").css("display", "block");$("#mw-sopaOverlay").css("display","none");   To disable blackout on (this does you no good because the url’s are rewritten) javascript: jQuery("span").removeClass("picture");jQuery(".posttitle").attr("style", "background: #FFFFFF ! important");jQuery("small span").attr("style", "background: #FFFFFF ! important");jQuery("span span").attr("style", "background: #FFFFFF ! important");jQuery("span strong").attr("style", "background: #FFFFFF ! important");