Danger Zone

Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000 @ Aftershock, Merriam, KS May 17, 2014

I recently got to see Powerman 5000.  This was a good show.  If, you’re like me, and listened to a couple of their albums back in the day, but didn’t know they were still in existence.  Then this will be a pleasant surprise.  They put on a great show.  The energy is great, the opening bands were awesome.  All around this was a terrific evening at After Shock.

Powerman 5000 @ Aftershock, Merriam, KS May 17, 2014

Now, before I go to a show. I like to load up the headlining band’s discography and listen through all their music.  I like to familiarize myself with the music before the show.  So I made a play list on my Google Music account of every song they’ve done in order from newest, to oldest.  The newest single was pretty damn good, and sounded like the Powerman 5000 I knew.

I was super surprised to find the next album was comprised completely of 80’s hair band covers.  Some were pretty good, some were not.  Then the next album in line was mostly a rap album.  This kind of put me off, because this was not the Powerman 5000 I knew.  Well, needless to say I never finished the discography, but I went to the show and it was way better than I could have imagined.

Razor Wire Halo

Razor Wire Halo @ Aftershock, Merriam, KS May 17, 2014

As for the opening acts, Razor Wire Halo killed it.  They always put on a great show, and have lots of energy.  9 Electric was sound pretty good as well.  9 Volt Junkie definitely got the crowds attention and I thoroughly enjoyed their Killswitch Engage cover.