A New Plugin – Plugin’s Last Updated Column

So Karissa asked me at WordPressKc’s Meetup group if I knew of a plugin that would show when plugins were last updated on the admin plugin’s page.  Right now you’d have to search up the plugin on wordpress.org to find this information.  I didn’t know of a plugin with this functionality, so Karissa suggested that would be a good idea for a plugin.  I told her I would look into this when I get some time.

I finally had some time yesterday to sit down and figure this out.  3 Hours after I started, it was done.  I’ve submitted this to WordPress.org’s plugin repository.


More information can be found: http://stevenkohlmeyer.com/plugins-last-updated-column/

Airport Novels, Bone Spur & MJP

Last night I went to Davey’s Uptown in Midtown Kansas City and saw a great show last night. Unfortunately, I was too late to see Airport Novels.  However, I heard they put on a hell of a show from people that did see them play.  I did see Bone Spur and MJP play though.  For my first time seeing these bands, I thoroughly enjoyed both bands.

As well as my first time seeing these bands, it was also my first time going to Davey’s Uptown.  I’m not sure if it’s a Davey’s Uptown thing, or just this evening, but the sets were about an hour long a piece of which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Bone Spur was super entertaining.  I knew it was going to be a great show the moment I saw 4 guys walk on stage dressed like backwoods hillbillies.



They had many great songs, some of which involved lyrics about monster trucks and a Camaro.  They also did some great covers including Hall & Oates, Eddie Money and Van Halen.


MJP headlined the show.  Their energy was well felt throughout Davey’s.  They put on a great show and Chaz’s (Lead Vocals) energy was very high.  


I would recommend seeing these bands to anyone, and it was very well worth the $6 cover at Davey’s.

If anybody is interested in seeing the same line up again, there is another show scheduled for Oct 18th at Davey’s Uptown.

Airport Novels:


Fixing Palm Detect on Ubuntu 14.04

For some awful reason, palm detect is off by default, even though it appears to be on in the system settings.  The problem occurs while I’m typing lots of code, or responding to an email.  I’ll be typing along. not paying close attention to where my cursor is.  All of a sudden, everything I just typed, highlights in the midst of me typing, and disappears because my cursor just selected everything and erased it.

After weeks of trying different start up scripts, and changing different settings, I think I have finally come to a conclusion on this issue.  Here are the steps I took to fix this:

First you need to figure out what type of touch pad device you are using according to xinput.  This is done by running:

xinput list


Look for the keyword ‘touchpad’.


Copy the entire text with the word touchpad in it.  This is the name of your touchpad device, as far as Ubuntu is concerned.
Make note of the ‘id’

Now list the properties of your touchpad with the command:

xinput list-props [touchpad name]
xinput list-props {id}


You’re looking for 2 lines here,  Palm Detection and Palm Dimensions.  As you can see, my Palm Detection is already set to 1, and Palm Dimensions are already set to small numbers.  These are the things you’re looking to change.

To change these settings, you want to type into terminal:

xinput set-prop "[device name]" "Synaptics Palm Detection" 1
xinput set-prop {id} "Synaptics Palm Detection" 1

xinput set-prop "{id}" "Synaptics Palm Dimensions" 5, 5

Obviously, replace the [device name] with you’re specific device name, and also replace “Synaptics Palm Dimensions” with whatever is in your terminal.  Mine was defaulted at 10, 100 for palm dimensions, which wasn’t even close to right.  You’re going to want to keep running setting the palm dimensions until you find something that works for your specific touchpad.

You’re almost done.  Once you find the settings that work for you, you’re going to want to save these settings so they don’t get reset to what they were before on your next restart.  This is done by opening your Dash menu (super button).  Type: Start, and click Startup Applications.


Once you have this window open, click Add.



You can set the name to be whatever you’d like.  I’d suggest making it simple so you remember what that command is.  In the command box, you paste your command that you have found works for your palm detect.  You’ll want to do this for Palm Detect and for Palm Dimensions.

Now restart your computer and test.  You can see if the changes took by running the xinput list-props [device] command again and seeing if your new settings are there.

I hope this helps you, please comment where it does or not.