Airport Novels, Bone Spur & MJP

Last night I went to Davey’s Uptown in Midtown Kansas City and saw a great show last night. Unfortunately, I was too late to see Airport Novels.  However, I heard they put on a hell of a show from people that did see them play.  I did see Bone Spur and MJP play though.  For my first time seeing these bands, I thoroughly enjoyed both bands.

As well as my first time seeing these bands, it was also my first time going to Davey’s Uptown.  I’m not sure if it’s a Davey’s Uptown thing, or just this evening, but the sets were about an hour long a piece of which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Bone Spur was super entertaining.  I knew it was going to be a great show the moment I saw 4 guys walk on stage dressed like backwoods hillbillies.



They had many great songs, some of which involved lyrics about monster trucks and a Camaro.  They also did some great covers including Hall & Oates, Eddie Money and Van Halen.


MJP headlined the show.  Their energy was well felt throughout Davey’s.  They put on a great show and Chaz’s (Lead Vocals) energy was very high.  


I would recommend seeing these bands to anyone, and it was very well worth the $6 cover at Davey’s.

If anybody is interested in seeing the same line up again, there is another show scheduled for Oct 18th at Davey’s Uptown.

Airport Novels:


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