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Moving / Backing Up a WordPress Database

Changing or moving your database is pretty easy.  I suggest using Navicat MySQL for database backing up and moving.

With Navicat it becomes extremely easy to move a database.
First thing you do, is set up your database connections in the software.
Then you open your database you want to move or backup.
Navicat Databases / Tables view

Next Select Backups from which database you’re moving or backing up.

Navicat MySQL Backups View

Click Backup

Navicat MySQL Backup Dialog

Now click Start.  You don’t have to set anything by default, it will just make a new backup.

Navicat MySQL Backup Complete

This is how you create backups.  Moving from one database to another is very easy as well. Open your backups from the tree view.  Right Click on the backup you want to copy to another database and COPY.

Navicat MySQL Copy Backup

Now find the database you want to put the backup in.  Go to it’s backups.  And Paste the backup into the other databases backups section.

Now open that database backup, and restore it.  As long as the database your moving too doesn’t already have the same tables, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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