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Magento Dataflow Charting

Making basic actions in the admin interface of magento here’s 5 queries that are executed, just 5 of more than 50 queries.
Basic Magento Database Pull

Magento – Adding Image Rollerover Effects to Product Lists

What I’m trying to accomlish is adding a roller over effect to the images.  I want the image to pop up in another layer on rollover.

As always, with any editing of any files that currently already work, make a BACKUP!

I like to copy and paste the file, then rename it .backup

First I add the code to the css file:

Then I want to edit my template file:

Find the line (about line 100-105) that contains:

add the php signs around that and comment it out, then add my following lines:

The image resize function all depends on how you have manento setup and the cache, but this should work.  Feel free leave comments on how this works.

Removing All from Show All Per Page on Magento’s front end


Searching low and high, trying every search string i can think of in google. I’ve found nothing. Posting on Magento Commerce’s website i got a response with the answer. Here is the answer:

The file you are looking for is: Mage/Catalog/Block/Product/List/Toolbar.php

In this file at line 530 function getAvailableLimit()

public function getAvailableLimit()
if ($this->getCurrentMode() == 'list') {
if (isset($this->_availableLimit['list'])) {
return $this->_availableLimit['list'];
$perPageValues = (string)Mage::getStoreConfig('catalog/frontend/list_per_page_values');
$perPageValues = explode(',', $perPageValues);
$perPageValues = array_combine($perPageValues, $perPageValues);
return ($perPageValues /*+ array('all'=>$this->__('All'))*/);
elseif ($this->getCurrentMode() == 'grid') {
if (isset($this->_availableLimit['grid'])) {
return $this->_availableLimit['grid'];
$perPageValues = (string)Mage::getStoreConfig('catalog/frontend/grid_per_page_values');
$perPageValues = explode(',', $perPageValues);
$perPageValues = array_combine($perPageValues, $perPageValues);
return ($perPageValues /*+ array('all'=>$this->__('All'))*/);
return parent::getAvailableLimit();

as you can see the

return ($perPageValues /*+ array('all'=>$this->__('All'))*/);

I comment /*+ array(’all’=>$this->__(’All’))*/
now the “All” show anymore ….

Or course you should not change the core but sometime it’s easier then build an override
for it.

You should test it on a development store before !!!!

Let me know if you have any problem

Your Magento folder does not have sufficient write permissions


Error: Please check for sufficient write file permissions

Your Magento folder does not have sufficient write permissions, which this web based downloader requires.

If you wish to proceed downloading Magento packages online, please set all Magento folders to have writable permission for the web server user (example: apache) and press the “Refresh” button to try again.

To learn more about setting write permissions, please visit the Magento community site for further details.

Ever seen the above error message?  I have.  Solution’s I’ve found for this are as follows:

I installed magento through SSH as root.  Now the problem with this is all the folders magento creates is now owned by root, so apache or magento cannot change them.  Simple fix.  From what I read off of is somebody changed the owner of the downloader folder.   I tried this, it didn’t fix my problem.  Feel free to try this way though.
chown apache downloader/ -hR

I took this a step further since I was still having the same problem.  I did this to the entire website directory

chown apache www/ -hR

Let me know if this works for you.