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WordPress Starter Plugin

Everything you need to write your own plugin. This is the starter solution. It shows how to plugin with your own class to wordpress, already set up custom functions. This is version 1 of this empty plugin. The admin menu (with a submenu), a settings page, another settings page. You can do just about anything your heart desires with wordpress, and plugging into it is pretty easy. Check this out:

WordPress custom menu disappear on home page when using custom post types and/or taxonomies.

Wordpress custom menu disappears on home page.

As you’re developing a theme, you try one of WordPress’s newer options: Custom Post Types.  Searching the internet you stumble upon Justin Tadlock’s blog.  You try his way of showing custom post types on your home page of your wordpress blog.  Then boom. You’re custom menu is not showing on your homepage.  Now what do you do.

I spent about a week going back and forth with my custom taxonomies, and WordPress 3.0’s new custom menu editor trying to figure out why the hell my home page isn’t showing my custom menu.  It shows all on my other pages.

Out of all the code, from all over the internet, that I used.  I had put the following code in my functions.php hoping to show my custom post types.

This code works, unless you’re using a custom menu you’ve made in the back end of wordpress.  This will for whatever reason (to which I have not investigated) make your custom menu’s disappear from your home page faster than a rabbit can crap.  So I’ve spent a whole week investigating my custom taxonomies, and wordpress’s custom menu editor, when the only thing I messed up was using Justin Tadlock’s code.

Here is what you do instead of putting that jargon of a excuse for code into your functions.php:

Pick any of your template files that show your posts or pages: pages, loop, home, index, or whatever single-{taxonomy name}.php you want to edit and add your custom post types to and add the following code above the loop:

or whatever you needs may be:

Happy coding, and careful who’s blog you read 😉 Thanks JustinTadlock I was stuck on that crap for a week.

~Steven Kohlmeyer

Fun with Web Browsers

For those of you who care to mess with someone.. or anyone. Just load a web page up (or their web page if they have one) and run this command in the URL:

You can mess with about anybody, enjoy.

My dot com is live!

Finally. Steven Kohlmeyer .com is live.  I now have a blog on there. I’ll keep this blog active with new posts, but the majority of my posts will be at

Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos

This is going to be a great game.  Me living in Kansas City and being a Denver Broncos fan.  I cannot lose this game.  Either way I win.  I can’t wait until the game tomorrow.  Who else is gonna be there?

Virtual Private Server Hosting

So I’m looking at current hosting plans for a new Virtual Private Server (VPS). I’ve found 3 websites with comparable hosting packages.

I’m liking the’s packages. Fair price and the best quality of servers and system resources.
Information I could find about
Domain created: Feb 15, 2003
Domain Expires: Feb 15, 2017
Company is based out of Columbus, Ohio. Owned by
Reviews of this host are not great, atleast 3 people have posted “Avoid them like the plague” and hundreds of customers are infuriated with the way they handle security, spam, backups, downtime, support tickets and customer service.

Next host on the list:
So far out of about 100 reviews i’ve read, I’ve only found about 3 or 4 negative reviews. They seem to be the more secure solution to my hosting needs. I read further into the reviews…
A couple hundred reviews in and I’m satisfied, inmotionhosting will be the one.


Making My Way

Today I realized i really needed a blog account. So Here I am on blog spot. I see so many links to this site and so many searches result in blogs I might as well contribute. I’m managing my way into website SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) as well as freelance webdesign and PHP ( PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor ).

From my readings on SEO it’s clear to me now i need more content as well as more sites. I currently have a gaming website for personal use and manage a few others. My gaming website is: and is currently being redesigned. I’m a big Counter-Strike fan and a fan of First Person Shooter (FPS) games. I’ve had this website since I turned 18, and my love for the game has never faded. I ran a Counter-Strike Server from 2001 until 2004. The I*B*A Clan is still alive, just taken a long vacation.
I’ve tweak and helped put online, an excellent sports cards website. was custom designed and built by Derek Miller. His love of Football Cards, Baseball Cards, and Basketball Cards has definitely sparked a creative side of Mr Miller. Miller Cards has some very cool features, to those who love the hobby, check his site out. You’ll find monthly if not weekly and sometimes daily updates. For all those who love sports and sports cards, check out Miller Cards.
I’m currently updating with a few tweaks to the website and new content. If you need roof repair, a roof inspection, or just want a new roof, Carlson Roofing Done Right is the company for you. Roofers that give you Free Estimates and a quality job done right. Serving the Greater Kansas City Area and based out of Independence, Mo.
Well it’s very late and I do have to work in the morning. Until my next blog.