How do I unlock my LG LW 310 Helix Phone when I never set a lock code?

A question that pondered me for about 10 minutes. I search google and all I come across is Q & A websites with this question, and NO ANSWERS. Thanks to my co-worker for his brilliance in user electronics. He suggested trying the last 4 digits of my phone #. THAT WORKED!

SOLUTION: Last 4 Digits of your Cell Phone #

Thanks Saul: Lomaximo

5 thoughts on “How do I unlock my LG LW 310 Helix Phone when I never set a lock code?”

  1. I just tried the same thing, using the last four digits of MY phone number and it worked also ! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH !

  2. I have no idea. I have cricket and it’s not the full internet. i don’t think atleast, so i’m not sure if there’s a way to unlock it to use as a modem or not. If you find something, let me know please.

  3. Had a hard time trying to figure out how to unlock my cell phone. I came across this page and I was able to unlock it. Thanks alot.

  4. O! M! fukn G! Whoever it was that figured this out I CAN KISS YOU! Muah! I by accident held down that damn button an freaked out when I saw I locked. Took a few breaths…thought a moment and said GOOGLE IT! and here it is…and it worked. Thanks again.

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