Plugin's Last Updated Column

Plugins Last Updated Column

This plugin adds 2 new columns to the plugin’s page in WordPress’s admin.  These columns show when each plugin was last updated by the vendor, and upgraded by you. This causes the plugins page to load very slowly on the first page load due to many API calls made to in order to retrieve the last updated information.  This plugin makes 1 API call for each plugin installed.  This data is cached for 30 minutes, but you can manually clear the cache by going to Admin Menu > Plugins > Plugin Columns.

The functionality of this plugin was entirely Karissa Skirmont‘s idea.  She also did the artwork for this.


Shows Last updated and Last Upgraded columns on the plugins page.
Clear cache page, this will clear the plugin last updated column cache, as it caches for 30 minutes.
This shows WordPress Multisite network plugins page with the last updated and last upgraded columns.

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