Post Type Access Plugin

I created this plugin because I needed a way of controlling access to certain Post Types.  This is not an easy feat in WordPress, as the front end of the site doesn’t check a users’s capabilities before showing public posts.  The Post Types are by default, public. When you create a custom post post type, you can define if it’s either pubic, or it’s not.   Then on top of that each post is the visibility setting of either Public, Private, or Pasword Protected.  These are all fine settings, but i need something more specific.

This plugin, when enabled, requires that you set read access for custom post types, for each role.  When enabled this plugin will make an ‘anonymous’ role, if one doesn’t already exist.  The anonymous role will by default be granted the following capabilities: read, read_attachment, read_page, and read_post.

You can easily disable this plugin, in the plugin settings:
Users>Post Type Access





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