Using SSH without using or needing a password

Linux SSH keygen -t DSA command executionI’ve tried many methods now of using SSH keys to login without a password.  Needless to say, I had to mix a couple methods to make this work.  This isn’t that hard.

Step 1) You’re on a linux machine (or putty’d into a linux box) trying to SSH into a remote host without having to use a password.   In my case i need to run automated commands to upload files to a remote host.  You need to create a SSH key for both machine.  Do this by running the following command:

The default file should already be set, press enter.

The passphrase will remain empty (since you don’t want to type it every time you log in) Press Enter again.

Then press Enter for a third time to confirm the empty passphrase.

It should look something like the picture above.

Step 2) Upload the SSH Public Key to the remote server.  Use the following command:

This will upload the file to your remote and will place the pub key file in .ssh/authorized_keys.

upload ssh key to remote host

Now type “logout” to get out of your remote host’s SSH.  Then log back in via:

It shouldn’t ask for a password anymore.  If any of this information doesn’t apply to you, or you have any questions please feel free to ask.  Thanks for reading.

Thanks to the 2 sources that I used to come up with my own, thank you:

~Steven Kohlmeyer

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