Virtual Private Server Hosting

So I’m looking at current hosting plans for a new Virtual Private Server (VPS). I’ve found 3 websites with comparable hosting packages.

I’m liking the’s packages. Fair price and the best quality of servers and system resources.
Information I could find about
Domain created: Feb 15, 2003
Domain Expires: Feb 15, 2017
Company is based out of Columbus, Ohio. Owned by
Reviews of this host are not great, atleast 3 people have posted “Avoid them like the plague” and hundreds of customers are infuriated with the way they handle security, spam, backups, downtime, support tickets and customer service.

Next host on the list:
So far out of about 100 reviews i’ve read, I’ve only found about 3 or 4 negative reviews. They seem to be the more secure solution to my hosting needs. I read further into the reviews…
A couple hundred reviews in and I’m satisfied, inmotionhosting will be the one.


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